About Us


Open Eye Beverage Co. is rooted in Eastern tradition and crafted without compromise. We brew our concentrates using sustainable practices and fewer, better ingredients that are always intentionally and ethically sourced.

Founder Anna Claire Eddington

Hey there you lovely human, thanks for visiting.

For most of my career, I've been traveling the globe and working alongside farmers, adventurers, policy makers, foodies, and environmentalists. I wanted to fully understand the complex relationship between our food system and our shared well-being, but I also wanted to surround myself with people who enjoy good food and learning about the wider world.

I built Open Eye as a farmers market business in the midst of the pandemic. It wasn't just a passion project- it was the heart of my community at a time when we were all so spread apart. After working for farmers markets and on farms as well as endlessly searching for a great cup of chai in Austin, I was able to build our original brand- Basic B Chai. 

But as we began to grow, I realized that our product is anything but basic. With our commitment to top-tier ingredients, sustainable production, and our community, I believe we can truly build a better food system. So in the summer of 2022 we proudly rebranded to Open Eye. Our name is meant to encourage you to expand your horizons and open your eyes- and arms- to the wider world and to your community. So drink up! Your taste buds and the planet will thank you. 

With love,

Anna Claire Eddington, Founder & Brewer