The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Based on My Personal Wish List

It's already mid-December and not a single gift has been bought for anyone on my list. Instead, I've compiled a list of all of my favorite local, artisanal, thoughtful and/or woman-owned items that I went and turned it into a shopping list for you! Whether it's your work friend, favorite (or least favorite) sibling, parent, neighbor, or in-law, we've got you covered. 

Plant Care Kit from Flourish

flourish plant care

Best for: The Urban Plant Parent OR Your Real Parent Who Has Gotten Into Gardening In Your Absence

For the parent (of humans or plants) with a green thumb, why not help them feed the things they love most? This organic plant food is a naturally-derived blend of essential nutrients and microbes that help sustain healthy plant growth

Fun fact: this Austin woman-owned brand was founded by two friends who used to compete in science fairs. We love to see women crushing it in STEM AND in business AND in friendship.


Palo Santo Candle from Maison Palo Santo

Best for: The Friend Who Is Embarking on a New Adventure, Relationship, Job, Home or Project

palo santo candle

First off, good for them! Second off, help them step into this new phase of life with palo santo, or holy wood. Known for its spiritual purifying and energy cleansing benefits, this ethically sourced palo santo candle comes from Ecuador via Austin-based Maison Palo Santo. Ecuadorian law states only indigenous people can work with Palo Santo which helps protect this precious commodity. 


Brass French Press from Parks Project

Best for: The Brother-in-Law Who Is Very Outdoorsyish

brass french press

When you met him, he had just finished thru-hiking the PCT. Now, his outdoor pursuits are limited to annual car camping trips. It happens to the best of us. Help that outdoorsman connect to his dirtbag-turned-yuppie self with this elegant brass french press. Bonus points if you get him some single origin coffee that he can make for you as soon as he unwraps your gift. 

Fun fact: Parks Project is a non-profit that donates a portion of all sales to our National Parks. As a former national park ranger myself, I couldn't love this mission more.

A Flock of Chicks from Heifer International

Best for: Your Partner Who Lives in the City but Would Much Prefer to Live off the Land  

Heifer International is on a mission to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities. You can lean into your agrarian side without the incredibly hard work of being a farmer by purchasing a flock of chicks (or a goat, a heifer, some pigs, etc). that help support sustainable agricultural growth in the developing world. 

Virtual Wine Class from Wine for Normal People

Best for: The Younger Sister Who Keeps Bringing Boxed Wines to Family Dinner

Wine is great! But which wine? And with which food? And for how much? This virtual wine class designed for non-snobby people gives you a strong intro to everything you need to know for your next fancy dinner date in a fun and engaging way.

Atlas Coffee Club Six Month World Coffee Tour

Best for: The Work Bestie Who You Can't Gossip With Over Coffee Because Your Team is Virtual

Offices may be out, but work friends are always in. If you can't grab coffee with your coworker, surprise them with a locally roasted coffee subscription. They'll get to try different flavors from around the world, and you might just get bumped up from "work friend" to just "friend."


So there you have it, a quirky gift guide for all the special people in your life based entirely on my personal Christmas wish list. Remember, it's the thought that counts. Happy gifting!

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